Paula Horrigan describes the natural connections of One World Garden.

One World Garden is designed to be a place that speaks to all of Utica- those with deep roots in its immigration and settlement history and those among its newest arrivals and refugee population. On one hand, its garden elements will communicate coming together, interdependence and inclusion–one part of the “one world” message.  On the other, its elements will honor and celebrate individuality, difference, strength, courage and resilience and form that part of the one world message that reminds us of what it takes for life to renew, endure and flourish even in the face of great adversity.

In One World Garden, visitors will find places, plantings, materials, phenomena and artistry harboring these interconnected and inseparable stories.

The Spiral Shelter, located equidistant from Park and Genesee Streets is One World Gardens “center” point orienting to a north-south, east-west axis found inscribed in its floor.  It acts as a portal to the One World’s Sanctuary Garden, backdrop to Tapestry Plaza and pivot point for the Passage of Cultures connecting to and from entrances at Park and Genesee Streets.Unfolding or spiraling outward from this central point are diverse One World Garden destinations reached via interconnecting paths.  Moving inside to the garden sanctuary one finds garden destinations representing endurance (the dry rock garden), reflection (the soothing meditation lawn), flourishing (the expressive cultivated flowers trees, perennials and shrubs), renewal and replenishment (the Wetland/Wild Garden) while moving outside one follows a Stories Scroll Wall and walk of cultures beckoning toward the city and its neighborhoods or enters, on a weekend or celebration day, One World’s community event space –Tapestry Plaza (this space doubles as a parking lot when not in use for events).  

The inner Sanctuary Gardens are nested and secured within a garden fence/ wall enclosure that modulates in height and levels of opacity as it surrounds becoming an expressive transparent membrane or two-sided 90’ “Stories Scroll Wall” visible from the inner Meditation Lawn and outer Passage of Cultures. Throughout the garden, linked pathways intersect interconnect garden destinations while enabling places to sit and retreat while enjoying the sound of water, soothing shade and the changing beauty of the garden as it moves through the seasons.

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