The One World Garden site is located on Park Avenue, a once verdant tree-lined street that still serves as a major downtown connector. While Park Avenue remains an important neighborhood boundary, its worn and deteriorated sidewalks, disappearing street trees and vacant and abandoned sites continue to erode its value to the urban landscape. One World Garden aims to play a catalytic role in renewing Park Avenue’s green identity, function and meaning for Utica and its citizens. It hopes to reintegrate the street into the life of the city and recapture its community value by making it a safe, welcoming asset.     

One World Garden’s half-acre site is currently a treeless set of 3 adjoining vacant lots located mid-block between Clark Place and South Street. The site sits in a highly visible location one block off of Utica’s traditional historic “Main Street” (Genesee Street) and one block from Oneida Square, where many of Utica’s important education, arts and cultural amenities are located, including the MVRCR where newly arriving refugees connect to the local community and participate in ESL classes, job-training and programs aimed at building community connections.

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